Nutritional Info

Herlocher’s Dipping Mustard is:

  • Fat Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Salt Free

Herlocher’s Dipping Mustard is made with pure, fresh ingredients: pasteurized whole eggs, sugar, water, mustard flour, distilled vinegar, food starch, and turmeric. In addition, our Dipping Mustard contains no preservatives and is gluten free. Even the health conscious and those watching their weight can enjoy guilt-free indulgence, because a serving of Herlocher’s Dipping Mustard is also a fat-free, sodium-free snack!

Everyone all across America is discovering the the not too sweet, not too spicy, and not too tart taste of Herlocher’s Dipping Mustard. Visit our online store to order your mustard.

Herlocher's Dipping Mustard Nutritional Information

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