My mom used to buy your mustard when we lived in Michigan, which was many many years ago. She put it on our sandwiches when we were kids and it was delicious. I hadn’t thought about it in years. Who thinks about mustard?! She now lives in Florida and was telling me one day how much she missed your mustard. So, I looked it up online and bought her some for Mother’s Day last year. I think it was her favorite gift ever, and, she has received a lot of NICE gifts! It’s nostalgic. She savored every drop of it. I surprised her with a case at Christmas. She was ecstatic! I also bought her a designer handbag...but the reaction was not the same. My brother bought her an iPhone and I got her a case of mustard. She liked the mustard better! Sibling rivalry at its best. She puts it on her sandwich every day and is hesitant to share in fear of running out. I keep telling her we can order more! Anyway, I thought you would enjoy hearing the funny story about how happy your mustard makes my mom 😂😂😂. - Karen

"I’m obsessed with Herlocher's Dipping Mustard which started when I was a student at PSU main campus. I can’t be without a jar plus a backup. How can I buy it in bulk?" Melissa from Willow Grove PA

"If there was ever a nearly perfect food, your mustard is it. I’m on a sodium restricted diet and it is a godsend. Perfect on grilled chicken, dipping carrots and other veggies, and of course hot dogs just wanted to let you know."  Marty in Richfield OH

"I’ve been using Herlocher’s for years. My wife was just making some deviled eggs and I suggested using Herlocher’s mustard. It was wonderful!!! A nice change from the run-of-the-mill deviled eggs." Charles in Sykesville ​MD

"I just wanted to say how much I love herlocher mustard. I used to hate mustard but for some reason I love herlochers. My mom turned me on to it this summer and I just can't get enough of it lol. Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays!" - Carolyn C., Camp Hill, PA

"This makes a tasty, east appetizer. It is the BEST dipping mustard!!!! I don't like mustard, but this is the only one I will eat." - Another Satisfied Customer

"Thank you for allowing me to order this wonderful dipping mustard from across the country. The holidays are just not the same with out it. I plan on wrapping the box and putting under the tree for my husband. He LOVES the stuff. Merry Christmas!!" - Beverly in Oak Harbor WA

"Just recently, I thought I'd check online to see if I could order it direct. That's when I found it on Amazon. I ordered several jars. Ended up eating a whole one myself! I'm bringing it to our Thanksgiving gathering today to introduce it to my family. I also plan to give additional jars as hostess gifts this Holiday Season, along with my story. This is the 1st review I've ever written about a product. Hope someone reads it & becomes hooked on this mustard as I have!" - Joan M., Minneapolis, MN

"I use it regularly for football parties." - Another Satisfied Customer

"We grew up and went to PSU - went back this summer and found your mustard- we are so thrilled to find your online store ! we used all the 4 jars that we brought home with us, so WE NEED MORE." - Debra, Royal Center IN

"The best mustard we have ever had! We stock up on it for our deer bologna, cheese and crackers for the holidays! Thanks for many great snacking memories! Our sons love it, also." - Elizabeth in Shreve Ohio

"I have eaten it with cheese, pretzels, etc. but the kilbasa/herlocher combination makes the best dinner or snack of all. I would imagine that you've tried all the possible combinations but for my nickel, this is tops." - Another Satisfied Customer

"I love your dipping mustard. I tell everyone about the ?wonderful family in Pennsylvania who makes this yummy mustard." - Leslie W - AZ

"I attended a party at my cousins house in Bellefonte PA and she served your dipping mustard. The taste was amazing and I could not stop thinking about it. She surprised me and sent two jars to me in VA complete with pretzels. Iserved the it at a party and everyone loved it. I need more!" - Susan in Newport News VA

" My fiance is a big fan of your dipping mustard. It is awesome with pretzels dipped in it. Thank you for making such an awesome dipping mustard." - MICHAEL V

"There is no mustard which can compare!" - Mrs. Sara B., Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

we all love it (Herlocher's Dipping Mustard) at our house. we could be your fan club members." - Anne H., Michigan

"My grandparents live right outside of State College, PA Every time I visit them, I must have some of your Herlocher's Dipping Mustard for a snack. I just love dipping hard pretzels in your dipping mustard." - Blake K., Pennsylvania

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love your mustard!" - May R., Pennsylvania

"I have had Herlocher's (Dipping Mustard) in every deli or Pizza parlor that I have managed for the last 10 years." - Joe C., New York

"I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love your Herlocher's Dipping Mustard!" - Julia, York PA

"I have been a fan of your dipping mustard for years now. When I can't find it in stores, I order online. It is perfect with summer sausage and makes for the finishing touch on warm pretzels. My girlfriend was making a meatloaf for the first time. The recipe called for adding mustard powder to the topping sauce. But, no mustard powder in the cabinet. So... we decided to toss a spoonful of dipping mustard into the mix instead. Let me tell you, that was an excellent idea. The sauce had a slight sweet yet mildly tangy flavor to it. For a first meatloaf it was tasty. Thanks for your time and your product." - David B. - Pembroke, KY

"This is THE BEST dipping mustard ... EVER." - Dan L. - East Lansing, MI

"This is the best mustard I have ever tasted. I use it in everything. Especially good in egg salad. Thank you for this great product." - Judith - Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

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